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Law Clerk Program for Milton Residents

Are you a resident of Milton, Ontario and looking to start a career as a Law Clerk? If so then our Mississauga campus is located conveniently close to you. The best part is if you enroll today, you can start tomorrow! Call 1-888-925-9929 for more information!

The Law Clerk program at CBC, developed in partnership with ILCO (The Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario), teaches Ontario students the practical application of law in the areas of theory, analysis and research. The curriculum provides far-reaching knowledge in areas such as Real Estate, Corporate Law, Estates and Litigation. Students of the Law Clerk program are trained to draft and prepare documents in all such areas.

Training You Need For A Fulfilling Legal Career

Canadian Business College graduates are able to write the ILCO Estate, Real Estate, Litigation and Corporate exams, upon completing the Law Clerk Program.

Students are trained in drafting and editing legal documents (memos, letters and reports) as well as delivering legal documents. They’re also taught how to conduct legal research and use leading legal applications and MS-Office related sotware.

Program Module - Law Clerk Diploma

  • Introduction to the Canadian Legal System
  • Administrative law Procedure
  • Provincial Offences Procedure
  • Legal Communication and the Law Office
  • Legal Research
  • Family
  • Ethics
  • Torts
  • Contracts
  • Employment Law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Debtor-Creditor
  • Tribunal Procedure
  • Litigation (ILCO)
  • Real Estate (ILCO)
  • Estates (ILCO)
  • Corporate (ILCO)
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Practice Management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Placement (120 hours)

Law Clerk Career Outlook

Service Canada says there was a significant upward shift in law-related employment over the last few years offering promising prospects for law clerks. Constant changes in law, regulatory regime, the rules of evidence and economic status and growth have contributed to this major shift.

If you are a resident of Milton, Ontario and are looking to kick start your career as Law Clerk contact Canadian Business College today at 1-888-925-9929. Don't delay your career advancement any further- if you enroll today you can start tomorrow!