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Database Administrator (Advanced) Course for Etobicoke Residents

Are you a resident of Etobicoke, Ontario looking to start a career in Advanced Database Administration? If so then our Mississauga campus is located conveniently close to you. The best part is if you enroll in our Database Administrator (Advanced) Course today, you can start tomorrow! Call 1-888-925-9929 for more information!

The Advanced Databased Administror Diploma Program

The Advanced Database Administrator Diploma program at CBC will offer you the training and skills needed to succeed in today’s rapidly growing big data market. The curriculum in the advanced DBA program teaches the fundamentals in database management, data storage, manipulation and analysis. It further provides training on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL – key IT certifications in demand today! As a graduate of CBC’s Advanced Database Administrator Program graduates you’ll competently meet the big data requirements that shape today’s DBA market.

Program Partner of Oracle Workforce Development

CBC is one of the few Oracle WDP (Workforce Development Program) partners in Ontario. Like CBC’s Database Administrator Program, the Oracle component of the Advanced DBA Program was designed in consultation with Oracle to ensure you’ll have the requisite skills to gain and excel in a Database Administrator career. CBC’s Advanced Database Administrator Oracle Training offers you the chance to reach the pinnacle of Oracle certification outside of Oracle University through writing the  OCA (the Oracle Certified Associate), OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) and OCE (Oracle Certified Expert) designation examinations.

Reach New Levels of Certification

This program also offers you the opportunity to achieve Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for SQL Server certification.

Advanced Database Administrator Diploma Modules

Oracle WDP curriculum:

  • Linux Administration for DBA
  • Oracle Database Administration I
  • Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL
  • Oracle Database Administration II
  • Oracle Database Introduction to SQL
  • Oracle Database RAC Administration
  • Performance Tuning

Microsoft IT Academy curriculum:

  • Administering Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL for Database Administrators
  • Implementing a Data Warehouse
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server

Is the Advanced Database Administrator Program Right for Me? 

The Advanced Database Administrator training at Canadian Business College will give you the opportunity to gain certifications and elevate your credentials as an IT professional to stay relevant and in-demand.

Students with a strong mathematical aptitude and interest in IT are prime candidates.

If you are a resident of Etobicoke, Ontario and you are looking to kick-start your career in Advanced Database Administration – contact Canadian Business College today at 1-888-925-9929. If you enroll today you can start tomorrow! Don’t delay your career advancement any further and contact us today.