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Database Administrator (Advanced) Course for Ajax Residents

Are you a resident of Ajax Ontario and looking to start a career as a database administrator (advanced)? Lucky for you - Canadian Business College’s Database Administrator (Advanced) diploma program at our Scarborough campus is conveniently located close to you! This program provides students with the skills and training required to succeed in today’s rapidly growing big data market. The advanced DBA curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of data storage, database management, data manipulation and data analysis, and provides the OracleMicrosoft SQL Server and MySQL training and IT certifications required for successful database administrators. Graduates of our program are trained with the necessary skills to manage the big data requirements that shape today’s DBA market.


Canadian Business College is one of the few Oracle WDP (Workforce Development Program) partners in Ontario. Like CBC’s Database Administrator Program, the Oracle component of the Advanced DBA Program was designed with our partners at Oracle to ensure that Canadian Business College students have the necessary skills to work as an Advanced Database Administrator. Our Oracle Training provides our students with the opportunity to reach the highest level of Oracle certification attainable outside of Oracle University by preparing students for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) designation exams.


The Database Administrator (Advanced) Program also provides the opportunity to attain Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for SQL Server certification.


Oracle WDP curriculum:

  • Oracle Database Introduction to SQL
  • Oracle Database Administration II
  • Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Database RAC Administration
  • Linux Administration for DBA
  • Oracle Database Administration I
  • Oracle Database Program with PL/SQL

Microsoft IT Academy curriculum:

  • MySQL for Database Administrators
  • Implementing a Data Warehouse
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server
  • Administering Microsoft SQL Server


Our Advanced Database Administrator provides relevant training modules to empower IT professionals to gain valuable certifications to excel in a career in the big data market. If you have a strong mathematical aptitude and interest in IT – then you are a great candidate for this program.

If you are a resident of Ajax, Ontario and are looking to start a career as an Advanced Database Administrator – then contact Canadian Business College today at 1-888-925-9929 for more information. You can enroll today and start your classes tomorrow! Don’t delay any further and call us to enroll today!

Program duration: 50 weeks

Certifications: OCA, OCP, OCE & MCSA for SQL Server

Oracle WDP & Microsoft IT Academy Curriculum

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